Don’t delay your retirement.

Many people find themselves paying down debt, supplementing income, or making large purchases with their retirement savings. Every time you dip into your locked in savings you are not only faced with paying withholding tax but your delaying your retirement.

While reaching into your retirement fund may seem like a simple option, consider alternative options like reevaluating your budget, finding additional income or talk to us about an Entegra consolidation or personal loan.

Wondering which option is best for you?

We can help you find the answer.

Retire with Entegra.

We all have different retirement goals and for some of us, getting there may be overwhelming or feel unattainable. By breaking your retirement savings goals down into more manageable amounts, we can help you reach retirement comfortably.

What if you could make payments towards your retirement goals?  Pre-authorized contributions or PACs let you do just that.  With PACs, make your contributions weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly with automatic deposits from your daily accounts to your investment accounts. So don’t stress making large lump sum payments, start with small, frequent contributions and see how as little as $50 a month can help you build your nest egg:

$50 per month invested each month at a compound rate of 3.25%

Don’t just set it and forget it, reevaluate your budget annually to see if you have some extra cash to add to your PACs. See how increasing your pre-authorized contributions annually by as little as $5 a month can accelerate your savings and ensure you have the income you desire come retirement.

$50 monthly invested monthly, increasing by $5 annually at a compound rate of 3.25%

When setting up automatic contributions we’ll take the time to help you define your savings goals, determine your annual contribution amounts, and ensure you’re taking full advantage of on the grants and tax incentives that are available to you.

Now that you see how starting small can add up; get started with Pre-authorized Contributions today!


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