Frequently Asked Questions

When is launch day? Expand/Collapse

Our digital banking transformation officially launches on Tuesday, June 8!

What will the transition look like? Expand/Collapse

Up until launch day, you can continue using our existing website, Online Banking, and Mobile App as usual. On June 8, our old sites and app with be discontinued, and you’ll have access to our new website, Mobile App, and Online Banking platform. You’ll need to complete the onboarding process before you can log in to Online Banking.

How do I access the new website? Expand/Collapse

Just as you do now – by visiting!

Can I still access the existing Online Banking platform? Expand/Collapse

Our current Online Banking platform will be deactivated on launch day. After that, you’ll need to use the new Online Banking platform accessible through our website. Be sure to update your bookmarks!

Can I still use the mobile app? Expand/Collapse

Our current mobile app will be deactivated on launch day. You’ll need to download the new app from the App Store or Google Play Store after this time.

Please note that the new app is designed for smart phones and will not function properly on a tablet. Our website and Online Banking are responsive – that means they will properly resize within the browser on any device; tablets, computers, and phones included!

Do I need to register for the new online banking platform? Expand/Collapse

If you’re currently using Online Banking, you don’t need to do anything else! Just make sure your contact information is up to date to ensure your transition goes smoothly.

If you’d like to sign up for Online Banking, contact a member of our team. We’d be happy to help you get set up!

How do I update my contact information? Expand/Collapse

When you go to log in for the first time, you’ll need to verify your account using the mobile number or email we have on file. To update your information:

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Select ‘Profile and Preferences’
  • Select ‘Change Contact Information’
  • Enter your mobile number and email, then click submit!

What does the new Online Banking platform look like? Expand/Collapse

Get a sneak peek of Online Banking with our Interactive Demos. They’ll allow you to walk-through some new processes step-by-step, so you can familiarize yourself with the new digital experience.

What will be automatically migrated to the new Online Banking platform? Expand/Collapse

Bill payees; Interac e-transfer profiles, recipients, and AutoDeposit; current statements; and existing account nicknames will be carried over to the new platform.

Security alerts, scheduled payments, and transfers will not carry over and need to be set up once you’ve logged in.

Use our Transition Guide to record important information like account numbers and payees, reoccurring debits, and favourite transactions for easy access post-launch! 

How will this transition affect Business members? Expand/Collapse

Business members will need to onboard to the new platform in the same way as all other members. There are a few key differences to note:

  • Two-signer business accounts should onboard separately and will have their own unique username and password
  • Any current delegates will not migrate over to the new platform and will need to be re-added as part of your onboarding process
  • Scheduled CRA payments will also need to be re-added once you’ve logged into the new platform
  • Members with both personal and business accounts will be able to consolidate their profiles for easy access

Business Member Frequently Asked Questions

How do I onboard as an existing business member? Expand/Collapse

To onboard your business account, follow the same steps as you did with your personal account. You’ll need to onboard both accounts separately before you’re able to link your accounts for a consolidated view.

If you have a two-signer account, both members will need to onboard individually.

How do I consolidate my personal and business accounts? Expand/Collapse

Once you have onboarded both accounts, you can consolidate them by following these steps. Once complete, sign out and return to the login screen. After entering your username and password, you can select which profile you want to view first. From your dashboard, click on the profile name in the top right corner of your screen to navigate between your profiles.

Will my delegates migrate over to the new platform? Expand/Collapse

No, any active delegates will need to be re-created in the new platform before they can sign in. You’ll need to create the new profiles on a desktop, as this process is not available on the mobile app. For a step-by-step look at this process, check out the demo.

Will my pending transactions migrate over to the new platform? Expand/Collapse

No, you will need to re-add any transactions that weren’t completed on the current platform.

Will my CRA business payments migrate over to the new platform? Expand/Collapse

No, you will need to recreate any transactions that are scheduled or recurring on the current platform.

How do I know when there is a transaction requiring my approval? Where can I find these transactions? Expand/Collapse

Any transactions that need additional approvals (as initiated by either a delegate or second signer) can be viewed and approved from the Pending Transactions page.

  1. Log in to your business profile
  2. Select ‘Business Services’
  3. Click ‘Pending Transactions’
  4. Approve or decline the transaction as applicable
  5. If the transaction requires an OTP, the code will be sent to either the email or mobile number on file for final approval

Please note: any transactions requiring approval will expire after seven days, at which point the transaction will need to be initiated again.

How many delegates can have access to my account? Expand/Collapse

You can set up as many delegates as you require; there are no limits to the number of delegates that can be created.

How does a delegate log in to the new platform? Expand/Collapse

First, an account signer needs to create a profile for the delegate and create a username for them (once a username is created, it cannot be changed). After it is authenticated with an OTP, a temporary password will be sent to the delegate. They will then be prompted to create their own password to complete the onboarding process.

Please note: any account signer can add, view, edit, and archive delegates.

Can delegates consolidate their personal profile and the profile for my business? Expand/Collapse

No, only account signers can consolidate the business profile. Delegates have to log in to each profile separately.

Can delegates have different permissions based on the access they’ll need? Expand/Collapse

Yes. Delegates can be assigned one of two permission levels: Initiator or Read-Only. Initiators can start transactions that are sent on for final approval, whereas delegates with Read-Only permissions can view all aspects on the account but cannot initiate transactions.

If the account requires two-signer approvals, a delegate cannot function as the second authorization.


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