Secure Email

Secure Email is a safe and reliable way for members to provide us with any required documents and personal information digitally. Through our Secure Email platform, members can receive encrypted emails and attachments from Entegra, then safely reply and forward messages.

Secure Email is safe for both the sender and receiver to share any message content and attachments without the risk of your emails being intercepted, viewed, or stolen. Encryption scrambles and codes information so that other people cannot read the message while it’s travelling over the internet.

Instructions for accessing and replying to a Secure Email from Entegra

There are two ways to read an encrypted email, which are dependent on your email provider. If you are using Outlook or Office 365, you can read and reply to encrypted messages as you would with any other email. There are no additional steps required by the end-user.

For any other email platforms, you will be required to authenticate the email before you are able to access its contents. You can authenticate it in one of two ways – a one-time passcode, or through your account by re-entering your security credentials. If you choose to sign in with a one-time passcode, it will be sent to you in a separate email. Once authenticated, the encrypted message will be displayed like a regular email; you can now continue to reply as usual.

Once your message has been sent, don’t forget to sign out of the encrypted message portal.

If you have any questions or are having issues with encrypted mail, contact us at


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