CRA Direct Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still receive cheques if I sign up for direct deposit?
No. Once you are enrolled for direct deposit, you will receive all CRA benefits, credits and refunds directly to your account.

Is it safe to sign up for direct deposit?
In order to offer this direct deposit enrolment service, Entegra signed an extensive Terms of Use Agreement with the CRA which requires us to use consent and privacy statements with all members who enroll in CRA direct deposit. By signing these consent and privacy statements you will acknowledge and agree that to facilitate your direct deposit enrolment with the CRA:

  • The CRA requires your name, bank account information, date of birth and social insurance number (SIN).
  • Entegra will provide to the CRA your name and bank account information as set out above, as well as the date of birth and SIN that we have on file for you.
  • Once the CRA has completed your direct deposit enrolment, the Receiver General will deposit any amounts to be paid to you by the CRA.
  • The Government of Canada considers privacy and security of utmost importance in the issuance of payments. Any information you provide to the Government of Canada when you enroll for direct deposit is protected under the Government of Canada Privacy Act and as described in Receiver General Payments (Personal Information Bank PWGSC PCU 712).

How do I register for direct deposit through Online Banking ?
Once you login to Online Banking, you can enroll for CRA Direct Deposit under Account Services.

How long will it take the CRA to process my direct deposit enrolment?
Once you provide consent for your banking information to be shared with the CRA, your direct deposit information will be updated by Entegra the following day. The CRA aims to process your direct deposit enrolment or information updates in one or two business days. Given the current environment, you may experience longer than usual processing times once the CRA receives your information.

What information do I have to provide to Entegra to sign up?
Entegra will provide to the CRA your name and bank account information, as well as the date of birth and SIN that we have on file for you.

How will I know that my direct deposit information has been updated?
If you have not done so, we encourage you to register for CRA’s My Account, where you can verify your direct deposit information, along with other relevant information.

How do I know that I have received my direct deposit payment from the CRA?
You can verify that the payment has been received by checking your banking statement on the account you used to sign up for direct deposit. Your payment amount will be deposited directly into the account. You can also confirm that the payment was sent by the CRA by logging into CRA's My Account.


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