Me2Me Transfers

Connecting accounts- with Me2Me transfers!

Me2Me transfers are a convenient way to link your Entegra accounts to your accounts held at other Canadian financial institutions.

With Me2Me Transfers you can:

  1. Move money into your Entegra account from an account at another financial institution.
  2. Send money from your Entegra account to an account at another financial institution.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient - transfer money at any time, you can even schedule automatic or recurring transfers.
  • Easy to use - transfers can be initiated by you at any time from Entegra's online banking site.
  • Secure - offers the same level of security as other online banking transactions.

To get started, simply complete the Me2Me Transfer Authorization form including a void cheque for the account at your other financial institution, and return the form and cheque to one of our four branches. Once your accounts are connected, you'll be able to make Me2Me transfers through Entegra's online banking site at any time.

How to send a Me2Me Transfer:

  1. Login to online banking.
  2. Navigate to the transfer page.
  3. Enter the amount, the account (to and from) and when you would like the transfer to occur (immediate, future dated, or recurring).
  4. Hit confirm. Once confirmed, you will receive your transfer funds receipt.



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