Entegra Credit Union’s clear and comprehensive family of lending products can be customized to suit your lifestyle. Whether you are purchasing your first car, a new home, or consolidating your debt, Entegra wants to empower our members to be confident they are making the right financial decision. Our trained, friendly Entegra professionals are here to help you understand your loan options.

Whether you need a home loan, vehicle loan, or a personal loan, you have a choice between fixed rate and variable rate terms.

What is interest?
Interest is the cost of borrowing funds. It is normally expressed as a percentage of the overall loan. The cost of borrowing is subject to a number of different criteria – whom you borrow funds from, the terms of the loan, and your credit rating.

Fixed Rate Interest:
The interest you pay on your loan is a fixed percentage for the life or term of the loan. Fixed rate interest loans make it easy to calculate the exact amount of money it will cost you to borrow funds, as the interest rate does not change over the life or term of the loan.


  • If interest rates increase, your loan’s interest rate will remain unchanged

Variable Interest Rates:
Entegra's variable interest rate loans are based on current market conditions and Entegra’s prime lending rate. With a variable rate loan, like a fixed rate loan, a fixed monthly payment is determined based on the interest rate at time of signing. The fixed monthly payment consists of two portions – interest payments and principal payments.  If interest rates change, the proportion of your fixed monthly payment will be recalculated and adjusted to reflect the new interest rate; however, your total monthly payment will remain the same.


  • You can benefit from any future drop in market interest rates

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