Cash Flow Calculator

// Cash Flow Calculator //

Sometimes we all wonder “where does the money go?” One of the ways to plan for a successful financial future is to understand where you are today. By using this calculator you will be able to see if you have additional funds available to put towards your goals. And when you’re done, contact an Entegra professional to see how we can help you achieve those goals.

Your Income
Net employment income
Company pension
Government income (CPP, OAS)
Child benefit
Rental income
Investment income
Retirement income (RRIF, LRIF)
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        Housing - Total Monthly:
Mortgage, rent
Property tax
Condo Fees
Home insurance
Home maintenance
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       Transportation - Total Monthly:
Car loan, lease payments
Public Transportation
Car insurance
Car maintenance
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       Personal and Living - Total Monthly:
Food, groceries
Insurance (health, life, disability)
Medical (Medication, eye, dental)
Phone, Cable, Internet
Dining out
Sports, Hobbies
Club memberships or subscriptions
Donations (communities, faith or charities)
Pet care
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       Debt Repayments - Total Monthly:
Credit card payments
Personal loan payments
Student loan payments
Family loan payments
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       Savings - Total Monthly:
Registered savings contributions (RRSP, RESP, TFSA)
Non-registered savings contributions
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// Totals

Total Monthly Income:
Total Monthly Expenses:
Monthly Cash Flow: