Through donations, sponsorship funding, and employee volunteerism, we support local non-profit organizations, co-ops, and community programs and projects that promote innovation and collaboration.

If your organization is working to do good in our communities, we want to know about it! Use the application form listed below to apply, and we’ll see if we can help.

Together, we are contributing to the growth and development of our communities.

Student Award Opportunities

We recognize the impact that post-secondary education has on a person’s life and its impact on the community. Sometimes, the costs associated with pursuing further education can be a challenge. That’s why, with help from our partner organizations, we are pleased to share student award opportunities to make the exciting transition to post-secondary education a little bit easier.

The Entegra Credit Union Scholarship

This year we are proud to support graduates from:

  • Garden City Collegiate

  • River East Collegiate

  • Dakota Collegiate

Any interested applicants are kindly asked to contact their school directly for more information.

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