Borrowing & Credit

Get the support you need, when you need it

You have unique business needs ― we have all kinds of solutions. Whether you’re looking for short-term cash flow, financing a PO, or looking for growth capital, you’ve come to the right place. We are an approved lender by the Canadian Small Business Financing Program, so we can help you grow your business by expanding your sources of financing.

Local business is what we do

It doesn’t make sense for your financing request to go outside of Manitoba. We know this market, and all of our decision-making is done locally, so you get answers quickly and stay informed along the way.

Our members need flexible solutions. We adapt to meet your specific needs and work for you, developing specialized solutions. From loans and mortgages to operating lines and letters of credit, our knowledgeable representatives are here to support you and your business.

Lines of Credit and Loans

Lines of Credit

Manage your business cycles and cash flow with a Commercial Line of Credit. Have ready access to cash, only use what you need, and only pay interest on what you use.

Work with your Commercial Account Manager and arrange a Commercial Line of Credit that suits the unique needs of your business.


When it’s time to consider expanding, renovating, getting new equipment or making some repairs, make your decisions with confidence by talking with us first.

More than a product provider, we work with you to help your business succeed.


Whether you're looking for a manufacturing facility, apartment block or office complex, get the commercial mortgage that suits your business needs.

Be confident selecting a location you can afford and start with a stronger negotiating position by meeting with your Commercial Account Manager first.

Letter of Credit

If you're looking for a letter of credit to confirm payment of goods or services, contact your Commercial Account Manager and we will be happy to provide that on your behalf.

Commercial Account Managers

Anthony Fischer

Commercial Account Manager
Tel: 204.924.5360
Cell: 204.890.3199

Charity Allen

Commercial Credit Officer
Tel: 204.949.7832

Neil Wood

Commercial Account Manager
Tel: 204.924.5363
Cell: 204.898.0058

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