Credit Cards

Entegra No Fee Cash Back Visa Business Card

Earn more for your business by skipping the fees and receiving cash back for company purchases, plus you'll get 0.5 points for every dollar spent.

Now that’s a rewarding experience.

Entegra Visa Infinite Business Card

Earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent on business purchases and receive exclusive privileges for your company with Entegra Visa Infinite. Apply today and receive 4,000 Welcome Points!

Entegra Low Rate Business Mastercard

Keep costs down, streamline expense reporting and make budgeting easier. The Entegra Low Rate Business Mastercard is a practical solution for business purchases.
Tailored solutions to meet your business goals
Looking to finance an opportunity for growth? We have loan and line of credit solutions that can be customized to the needs of your business.

Visa Business Tools

Visa Savings Edge

As an enrolled Visa Business cardholder, you receive convenient discounts on qualifying purchases at participating merchants, no coupons or codes required. Instead, get a statement credit on your Visa Business card accounts.

Visa Business Reporting

Get web-based summary and transaction-level reporting that is secure and easily accessible by Visa Business Cardholders. Review a comprehensive set of graphic dashboards and standardized reports that transform card transaction data into business intelligence for small businesses.

Visa Payment Controls (VPC)

Define spending controls for your employees’ Visa Business credit cards. Customize each employee’s card to control where, when and how it is used. Apply a wide range of authorization, including spend limits, cash access, geographic locations, merchant categories, and time of day.

Apple Pay® for Entegra Visa

Shopping just got a whole lot easier! Add your Entegra Visa to your Apple Wallet to pay with your device wherever Interac Flash is accepted.

One-Touch Payments
Simply hold your iPhone up to the payment terminal and click a button to pay.

Security and Privacy
Your credit card details are never stored on your device or shared during a transaction.

Setting Up Apple Pay:

  1. Open your Wallet app
  2. Tap the ‘+’
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to add your Entegra Visa

Pay In-Store with Touch ID:

  1. Hold your iPhone to the payment terminal with your finger on the home button.
  2. A beep and vibration will confirm your payment.

Apple Pay® FAQ

To use Apple Pay in-store, you must have an iPhone 6 or later or an Apple Watch that is paired with an iPhone 5 or later.

To use Apple Pay for in-app payments, you must have an Apple Watch, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or later, or iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 or later. You can also use Apple Pay on the web on supported iPhones, iPads or Macs.

Open the Wallet app, and hold and drag your Entegra Visa card to the front.

You can also open "Settings" and select "Wallet & Apple Pay". Then, under "Transaction Defaults," select "Default Card" and choose your Entegra Visa.

No, your phone has everything you need to complete a purchase.

Anywhere Interac Flash is accepted.

No. Since each purchase is verified within Apple Pay using your Touch ID or passcode, there is no maximum limit when using Apple Pay.

Each Apple Pay transaction requires your authorization through TouchID or a passcode. Your card number is not shared with the merchant or saved on your iOS device. Instead, purchases are completed using what’s called a secure token.

You can remove your card remotely using Apple's "Find my iPhone" app. But, if you believe your credit card information has been compromised, contact Collabria immediately at 1-855-341-4643.

Yes. Just open the Wallet App, select the card you would like to remove, select the information button on the top right corner of the screen, and select “Remove Card.”

Contact Collabria Cardholder Services at 1-855-341-4643.

Apple Pay does allow for separate card images so we chose our most popular cards to represent all Entegra Visas.

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