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We're getting stronger by coming together.

As of January 1, 2022, Entegra Credit Union has joined with Assiniboine Credit Union to create a stronger, more sustainable organization for every member.

The fit between Entegra and Assiniboine is natural as we share many common values. Our organizations are responsible and ethical companies committed to serving our members and improving the quality of life in our communities. The merger allows us to build on this foundation, creating an even stronger future together.

Now that we have legally merged, you will notice the ACU brand gradually appearing on marketing materials, documents, and other branded materials over the next few months. Our website, app, online banking, and outdoor signage will remain the same until later in the spring, when the merging of our banking systems is complete. Entegra’s social media accounts are no longer active, and you will now receive email communications under the Assiniboine name. 

Our Shared Values

It’s good for our future

Our individual credit unions were already successful and are even stronger together. We operate in an industry that is rapidly evolving with more demands every day from members who have come to expect personalized service and flawless 24-7 banking access from wherever they happen to be on the globe! We know that by bringing our teams and resources together we will be able to meet changing member needs better and faster, now and into the future.

It’s good for you, our members

A stronger credit union enables us to introduce innovative products and services more efficiently. Our members will also enjoy our extensive branch network, the expertise and knowledge of our combined teams and enhanced technological solutions.

It’s good for our communities

Our common values were very important to making us ideal merger partners. Both credit unions are successful, ethical companies with similar cultures committed to serving our members and improving the quality of life in our communities. This is a solid foundation on which to build a stronger, brighter and more sustainable future. Our combined credit union will not only continue the community work we are each known for together, we will be able to broaden our impact.

It’s good for our employees

As a larger and even stronger credit union, employees will have greater opportunities for career development and advancement. As well, the combined credit union has increased capacity for ongoing learning and development and will be better positioned to further invest in training, tools and resources for all employees to be successful in their roles and careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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