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Get more value, more personal attention and better banking options

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Banking with purpose.

True wealth comes in many forms. Banking with purpose means connecting your values to your finances, making good decisions for yourself while improving the lives of others. 

See our values in action.

Taking a values-based approach is woven into everything we do. Our credit union exists primarily to serve the needs of our local communities and member-owners.

Do more with your money.

When you bank with us, you support positive change in your community, and help connect people in ways that make dreams come true. Isn’t that what it should be about?

Financial confidence feels great

Whether you're just getting started or planning to take it easy, we work for you and your money should, too. We offer a complete range of banking services and expertise to make managing your money manageable.

We have your best interests at heart

Our interest rates make a financial impact you can see and feel
Term Deposits

Earn up to

5 Year Mortgage

Fixed interest rate

Advantage Savings

Up to

*Rates subject to change
Make your move with confidence

Having a mortgage that fits your financial plans can make everything move more smoothly.

Find the credit card that's right for you
Whether you're looking to build credit or collect rewards, we’ve got you covered.

Entegra Credit Union is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba (DGCM)
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